The MFE Event is our annual interactive experience that connects students with creative digital media professionals and storytellers, career-inspiring workshops and a celebration of Mosaic Mobile award winning short films.

Mosaic Event Highlights:

  • Diverse speakers from the world of digital media and entertainment share inspiration and insight with pre recorded and live content.
  • Increased social media outreach , live polling and open discussion forums
  • Inspiring student stories told through the Mosaic Mobile Short Film Competition
  • Exposure to new technology and creative platforms

Take a look at the MOSAIC FILM EXPERIENCE through the lens of educators and guests.

“Our immersive digital experience helps open up possibilities for students by seeing the work of amazing local and national professionals and hearing their stories on how creativity influenced their lives.”


A huge shoutout to this group of talented creative professionals who inspired us at our 2020 Mosaic Film Experience Online Event.

We’re delighted to go behind-the-scenes with leaders in the fields of creativity, film, and tech with you and your students. Be inspired by their stories of starting creative careers, the work they do, and what inspires them about their industry and the future. Your student could be next…

MUV – “let’s MUV the world” – a transmedia storytelling company in Mexico City using Interactive Art, Social innovation and XR (combining augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies) Our guests Carlos Rosas will join us live to introduce us to the world of XR and their creative community in Mexico City. Visit MUV >

Phillip Boutte – Phillip Boutte Jr. is a Costume Concept Artist/Production Designer working in film, television, and music video. With over 40 feature films under his belt, he has collaborated with many top Costume Designers, Producers, and Directors. Bringing a fresh perspective and providing visual diversity in his characters is a constant and top priority to the work he presents. He is grateful to be able to work with and learn from so many creative talents all the while supporting his family doing something he absolutely loves. Projects include Black Panther (2018), Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood (2019), and Inception (2010).

Kirie Quackenbush – Kirie is a Cinematic Artist for The Sims, and specializes in creating aspirational Sims characters and sets before filming the content for various media assets, such as trailers and social media. She has always been a huge Sims fan and, in her free time, makes her own Sims machinima content for her personal YouTube channel. Kirie attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a BA in Film and Video Production in 2019. Kirie continues to strive towards creating digital media content that inspires and excites her viewers.

Nikk Franklyn – If you’re looking for a job in sports, there’s a lot you can learn from a film editor like Nikk Franklyn. Nikk is no ordinary film editor. He’s a live sports replay editor and broadcast technician, responsible for replays and editing during sporting events. As a supervisor, he handles the setup and logistics for video replay. It’s a job he describes as intense, colorful, and really fun.

Lauren Adams – Director of photography, feature producer and editor, National Hot Rod Association. Covering 24 race events across the USA, her job never has a dull moment. Every race event lasts for about three days. Within those days, her tasks are to film the racing experience in a creative aspect. She also produces, films and edits sit-down interviews with the drivers as well as create the NHRA show opens which all air on FOX Sports.. Her best friends are her hard drives and her computer. (Literally)

Please contact if you’d like to show the 2 hour “event” in your classroom and we’ll send you a personalized link.

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Everyone has a story: Find out more about The Mosaic Film Experience and this years Online Event.


The Mosaic Film Experience gives teachers and students the opportunity to share in their educational journey in Media Literacy and Digital Storytelling.