Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Storytellers

The Mosaic Film Experience ™ is a non profit educational platform aimed at promoting diversity and digital equity through storytelling. Using mobile filmmaking as a tool for 21st century work skills we aim to level the playing field for digital creativity by encouraging students to tell their own unique stories.

Mosaic Event

Our Annual Interactive Experience.

Mosaic Mobile

Creative Storytelling Contest

Mosaic Community

We Play Well With Others

2020 Mosaic Event

Our 2020 event is going virtual on Wednesday, November 4.
Stay tuned for more information.

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2020 Mosaic Mobile Requirements

Theme: Possibilities
Prop: Keys
Saying: “I am…”

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The Mosaic Film Experience thanks our 2020 Event sponsor -

Fifth Third Bank.

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“The thing about Mosaic is we put young people at the center. It amplifies the voice of the next generation.”

Skot Welch

Mosaic Film Experience Founder

“You need to experience this. These students have lots of power . . . they need to learn that they can express who they are in more than one way.”

Gerrianne Schuler

GRPS Teacher

“I love the Mosaic Film Experience because they are increasing competency and building knowledge and skills.”

Carla Moore

VP Talent Acquisition, HBO

“Don’t be afraid to tell stories. Personal stories are the ones that speak out. Some of the best art is made by people who are taking a step forward.”

Kira Bursky

2013 Film Festival Winner

“What you’re seeing here is the future of niche festivals. It’s a return to the importance of the communal experience of watching a film.”

Christian Gaines

ArtPrize Executive Director

“It’s very healing to be able to tell your story.”

Andy Phelps

West Michigan Filmmaker, Gorilla Studios

“You can be whatever you want to be…
create value for yourself and be bigger than a job.”

Xavier Jernigan

Head of Cultural Partnerships, Spotify

“…Our stories are becoming more important to the larger audience…”

Christiana Hooks

Producer and Production Manager

“There are so many other ways to be involved the artistic process… this is a great way to
expose people to those kinds of professions.”

Christian Pierce

YouTube Creator and Storyteller

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