The winners of the 2021 annual Mosaic Film Experience Mosaic Mobile film challenge were announced on November 3 at the 10th annual Mosaic Event. All Mosaic Mobile student films were shot, edited, and submitted using only their mobile devices.

Mosaic Mobile films are two to three minutes long. The films must contain a theme, a prop, and a saying. The requirements aren’t overly restrictive to encourage student’s interpretation and creativity. This year’s theme was “the next chapter,” the prop was “box”, and the saying was “show me.”

Third place and $250 went to Charley Guerrero of Careerline Tech Center for “One Day at a Time.” Guerrero’s film delves into the existential dread of running out of time. The film is narrated by Guerrero. It explores the choices we make and the importance of living life to its fullest.

Second place and $500 went to Sam Johnston of Kenowa Hills High School for the film “Clocks.” The film is about a mysterious box that shows up. It’s a hilarious journey with the filmmaker playing multiple roles in the short.

The first-place prize of $1,000 was awarded to Bree Mathis of City High School for the film “Rigid Edges.” In addition to the cash prize, Mathis was awarded a scholarship to the Interlochen Center for Arts. The Rick Wilson Award of $500 is determined by public vote, and it also went to Mathis.

Mathis’ film explores growing up and learning to cope with the ups and downs of life. It is powerful and very personal.

“It’s a reflection that things are going to get better,” Mathis said. “There is always going to be redemption.

Mathis also has some advice for aspiring student filmmakers.

“If you’re curious about film, you got to start somewhere,” Mathis said. “You don’t need the best phone. You don’t need the best tripod. Everybody starts somewhere.”

Hundreds of students from around the country streamed the event live, which also connected students with leading national creative professionals in film and digital media hailing from Los Angeles; New York; Columbus, Ohio; Berkeley, California; Mexico City; Detroit; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Prior to the 2021 Mosaic Mobile winners being announced, the 2020 grand prize winner Xiangu Chen gave a short video presentation. Chen had some advice for the 2021 participants.

“The truth is all of you have a story to share,” he said. “And there is no better way to do it than filmmaking.”

The entire event is available on-demand on the Mosaic Film Experience Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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