“Storytelling is the basis for everything in our society. The way we interact, build, communicate, live, and dream all derives from it.” – Skot Welch, Founder of The Mosaic Film Experience

We welcomed more than 100 volunteers, sponsors, and new friends to our Next Generation of Creativity Luncheon on October 25 at The Grand Valley State University Eberhard Center. The annual gathering is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements made in the past year, and to share future endeavors. Cascade Engineering and Zingerman’s generously sponsored this year’s luncheon.

As guests arrived and enjoyed their lunch, they were treated to a screening of 2017 finalists in the Mosaic Mobile film competition. All Mosaic Mobile films are shot, edited, and entered on mobile devices.

“Mosaic Mobile is a mobile-friendly, economically barrier-free way for even more students to share their story,” said Skot Welch, Founder of The Mosaic Film Experience. “We know that by going mobile, we are opening the door for thousands of kids looking to share their unique perspectives with the world.”

Mariah Barrera, junior at City High and 2017 Mosaic Mobile Winner, spoke about the impact The Mosaic Film Experience has had in her life and how it impacts the lives of students all across the area. Senior at Grand Rapids Montessori Erion Adams also shared her experience working with HQ and helping tell their story through video.

“I’ve always had a hobby of making things on my phone,” said Barrera. “However, my work with The Mosaic Film Experience helped me realize that I can make things that empower and inspire people and that my voice is important.”

“Our goal at The Mosaic Film Experience is to take the power of digital media and mobile filmmaking to help our community’s students to become better storytellers and problem solvers,” said Welch. “No matter what their background is, what their interests are, or what they want to become, being a better storyteller will help prepare them for their future careers.”

Serving high school students is our primary goal, but in the past year, we expanded our afterschool curriculum to include middle school students, helping them learn to tell their stories. We are also fostering the next generation of filmmakers with the college Mosaic Mobile competition and offering college students opportunities to volunteer and work with Mosaic on projects throughout the year.

In 2018, we reached more than 3,000 area students through our events and garnered over 250 mobile film entries from high school and college students. We served over 150 students in after-school programs and started the inaugural YouTube Project to work one-on-one with several area students. We also collaborated with nearly 40 community partners around West Michigan.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Mosaic Film Experience and learn more about our nonprofit organization. We look forward to another year of providing our community’s youth with an opportunity to tell their unique stories and equip them with the critical thinking, collaborative, and creative skills necessary for career preparedness.

To support The Mosaic Film Experience with a financial donation, text MOSAIC to 56651. For more information about working with students or collaboration opportunities, please email us at info@mosaicfilmexperience.com.

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