Nonprofit organizations Mosaic Film Experience and Artists Creating Together collaborated in teaching students with cognitive disabilities how to shoot and produce short films using mobile devices. The three-session class was part of Art Explorations, an Artists Creating Together program designed to introduce students to various art forms.

“The Mosaic Film Experience brought an innovative, digital aspect to our inclusive and enriching Art Explorations program,” said Angela Steele, executive director, Artists Creating Together. “It’s been exciting to see our students light up as they use mobile devices in a new way. It’s another medium to express their unique perspectives and find their voices.”

The Mosaic Film Experience taught 15 students, ages 18 to 25, the basics of film production, resulting in the production of three short films.

The first class centered on pre-production. Three groups of students developed their stories, scripts, shot lists and storyboards. The next session was production and post-production, where students shot and edited their films. In the final session, students shared their films with classmates.

“I noticed that some students who had a hard time expressing themselves at first began opening up as we started creating the films. They learned a new way to express their own unique stories and collaborate in a way they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to,” said Liz Merriman, education lead, Mosaic Film Experience. “We had shy students become writers and directors and students who had a hard time concentrating being able to be hyper focused as a camera operator.”

About Artists Creating Together

Artists Creating Together empowers individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. Artists Creating Together brings the arts and art projects to children, youth, and adults with disabilities through school programs, workshops, and residencies in schools, health and healing programs, adult classes, and community events.  We serve residents of West Michigan and beyond, and offer programs in the visual arts, performing arts, and more.  For more information, visit:

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