Mosaic Film Experience began in 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a film festival for commercial and jury-selected works focusing on under-told stories, particularly those of social outsiders. A half-day program brought in students who watched a film and then were led through a guided discussion. In 2014, we tightened our youth focus by adding a media literacy curriculum for attending students. In 2015 we changed the festival format, expanding to a full-day event with both large group and workshop programming as well as adding a screening of student-produced, two-minute mobile videos. We went mobile to minimize, as much as possible, any economic barriers to filmmaking, and to encourage students who may never consider picking up a movie camera to tell their story with the resources at hand. Judging by the number and quality of local entries, this new approach was well received.



The Mosaic Film Experience provides teachers with media literacy resources and creative opportunities to help diverse students discover their voices and tell their own unique stories.



Creating the next generation of storytellers one community at a time.


The Mosaic Film Experience equips the next generation of diverse youth with the skills necessary to successfully navigate the world of media culture and understand their role in it while making them aware of career opportunities associated with it that can change their world and ours too.