1st Place HS Mosaic Mobile 2018 | Quiana Wade, Wyoming High School, “Everythings All Different Now”

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – November 16, 2018 – The Mosaic Film Experience (MFE) announced the winners of its 2018 Mosaic Mobile contest during a week of events celebrating creativity and storytelling.  Mosaic Mobile is a short-film competition for West Michigan high school and college students where films are shot, edited, and entered on mobile devices.  First place winners in the high school and college categories each took home $1,000, second place winners received $500, and third place winners each collected $250.  The Rick Wilson Memorial Award winner, which is determined by public vote, won $500.

“Storytelling is the basis for the way we interact, build, communicate, live, and dream,” said Skot Welch, founder of The Mosaic Film Experience. “The Mosaic Mobile film contest challenges the conventions of storytelling. With technology leveling the content creation playing field, our focus is to teach youth how to use today’s tools to tell original and engaging stories.”

The winners in the Mosaic Mobile college category were announced on November 6, before a special screening of “Black Panther” at Wealthy Theatre. The event also featured a presentation and Q&A session with the film’s costume concept artist Phillip Boutte Jr.

Boutte is a professional costume concept artist who has worked on films such as “Black Panther,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” “Inception,” “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2,” “The Greatest Showman,” and “The Hunger Games.” He specializes in character development, costume concept art, and specialty costume design.

“I want students to know that you can accomplish your goals and your dreams,” said Boutte. “I always challenge students to turn your dreams into goals because that’s how you make them practical, and that’s how you accomplish them.”

The winners in the Mosaic Mobile high school category were announced during the seventh-annual Mosaic Film Experience Event at Wealthy Theatre on November 7 and 8.  The Mosaic Film Experience Event is an interactive day that brings the power of digital media and content creation to youth. The event also provides students with access to local and national industry professionals through creative, career-inspiring workshops, and exclusive presentations.

In addition to the Mosaic Mobile high school screening and award ceremony, the 2018 Mosaic Film Experience Event featured a showing of the new Starz documentary series, “America to Me,” which was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session. Breakout workshops feature local professionals from West Michigan Center of Arts & Technology, Kinetic Affect, COM 616, Carbon Stories, Winkle Creative, and comedian Mike Logan.  Boutte also presented his work and shared his career journey, and Carla Moore, the vice president of sales strategy and education for HBO, spoke to students about the importance of education, internships, and passion.

Eligible Mosaic Mobile films are two to three minutes in length and must meet three requirements:  Use “tell a story” as a theme for the film, include some form of art as a prop, and the words “it’s different now,” must be spoken or used in the film.

The theme, prop, and words are unique for each Mosaic Mobile contest.

2018 Mosaic Mobile Winners – High School Category
1st place ($1,000) – Quiana Wade, Wyoming High School, “Everythings All Different Now”
2nd place ($500) – Mariah Barrera, City High Middle School, “Art is timeless”
3rd place ($250) – Alyssa Dodd, Careerline Tech Center, “Jonathan”
2018 Mosaic Mobile High School Winners and Finalists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_ImunMptxU&list=PLzFQmuej8QT_klOEDkmh2s2p2-dvCRryH

2018 Mosaic Mobile Winners – College Category
1st place ($1,000) – David Astudillo, Grand Valley State University, “The Waves”
2nd place ($500) – Matthew Anderson, Grand Valley State University, Trapped in Headspace”
3rd place ($250) – Kendra Endline, Grand Valley State University, “The Art of Dance”

2018 Mosaic Mobile College Winners and Finalists:

Rick Wilson Memorial Award
Public vote winner ($500) – Morgan Weststrate and Lara Johansen, Byron Center High School, “The Mosaic Film Festival”

About Mosaic Film Experience
Founded in 2011, The Mosaic Film Experience (MFE) is a 501(c)(3) organization that uses the platform of digital media to provide students with an opportunity to tell their unique stories and equip them with the critical thinking, collaborative and creative skills necessary for career preparedness. There are three aspects to The Mosaic Film Experience: The Mosaic Event: An annual interactive experience that provides students access to industry professionals through creative, career-inspiring workshops.  Mosaic Mobile: An annual mobile film competition where films are shot, edited, and entered on mobile devices.  Mosaic Community: Events ranging from afterschool curriculum to industry guest speakers and film screenings. For more information about MFE, visit http://www.mosaicfilmexperience.com.

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