The 2022 Mosaic Mobile contest winners accepted their prizes on stage at the 2022 Mosaic Event held at Celebration Cinema Studio Park on November 3.

Mosaic Mobile is an annual short film competition for high school students to submit their films that are shot and edited on mobile devices. More than $2,000 in prizes each year are awarded to students.

Winning students from West Michigan schools were invited on stage at the Mosaic Event to accept their giant checks and receive recognition for all their hard work in creating their unique short films. This year’s Mosaic Mobile requirements were:

Theme: Together
Prop: String(s)
Saying: “Great idea”

In 3rd place was Erika Govea from City Middle High School, awarded $250. Erika’s short film, “Time,” describes how each person has a string representing their life and her string is what connects her to family and friends.

“I just wanted to express a moment where I’m acknowledging what I have in my life, like being with my dad, brother, and friends,” said Erika.

She encourages others to follow their own path, their string, and discover who they are and what is at the end of their string. You can watch Erika’s short film here.

The 2nd Place winners, Jana Kalumbula and Rosabel Yeo, from City Middle High School, will be splitting their prize money of $500. Their short film, “The Journey to ‘Together’,” touches on how even surrounded by people, you can still feel alone, but by opening up to others, you can find support.

“It was about two girls who are alone and sad but in different ways and no one notices,” said Jana.

They show two people throughout their film following their connected strings back to one another in a representation of how sometimes all you need is one person to pull you out of the dark.

“It’s just the idea of how you have that one person where you really rely on and those bonds that you have for life,” said Rosabel. Click here to watch their full short film.

Finally, winning 1st place was Laylah Addison and Ja’Mira Roberts-Butler from Innovation Central High School. Laylah and Ja’Mira took home $1,000 for their winning short film. Their film, “A little GREATNESS goes a long way,” shows the passing of a string, that grows longer with each hand-off, to represent how each person is connected and that by working together, you can make an impact.

“We wanted to show people coming together and spreading kind words,” said Laylah. You can watch their winning short film here.

We also celebrated the winner of the Rick Wilson Memorial Award, which is determined by public vote. This award was created to honor Rick Wilson who was an Emmy award-winning journalist and storyteller. He was a leading voice in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Rick was an impactful member of the inaugural team of The Mosaic Film Experience. In 2013, we lost our friend, but he is still in our hearts and conversation. This award celebrates his life and legacy.

The 2022 Rick Wilson Memorial Award Winner is Jai Patel, from Wyoming High School. In his film, “The Key,” Jai says that his life is made up of several strings, several pieces. He explains that they are all intertwined and not all of them are perfect, but one day they will all be connected once he finds the path he’s supposed to be on. He further explains that once he finds the right key, it will open the door to a new piece of himself. You can watch Jai’s short film here.

As yet another Mosaic Mobile competition wraps up, we are already eager to see what creative short films are submitted next. To stay up to date on all things Mosaic Film Experience, including upcoming mobile film competitions, sign up for our newsletter.


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