You watch YouTube, right? Have you ever thought about creating your own content and sharing your unique story? The popularity of young, independent content creators is changing our world.

Whether it’s your school, your friends or family, fashion, gaming, sports, music, or social issues, we know you have things you’re passionate about.

The Mosaic Film Experience is teaming up with Carbon Stories to create a student-driven YouTube channel featuring content created by YOU!

Have ideas but don’t know where to start? No problem!

We’ll teach you how to create awesome video content and then let you be the director, producer, or star of the show.

How It Works
High school students throughout West Michigan can apply to participate in the Mosaic Film Experience YouTube Project. Each of the 10 selected students will participate for a two-week period:
• Week 1 will focus on education of technical skills and tools.
• Week 2 will feature content creation.

Your content will be posted to the Mosaic YouTube channel and will be promoted on Mosaic’s blog and social media.

What You’ll Learn

Only 10 students will be selected to participate so apply today! The application deadline is December 31, 2017.

Apply Below


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