The Mosaic Film Experience partnered with The Belonging Initiative to bring community members an interactive greenscreen installation. Located within the piazza at Celebration Cinema Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids, the GR Greenscreen was used by community members to express what makes West Michigan their place of belonging.

“Art, culture, and collective stories have a central role in advancing who we are, who we are becoming, and how we relate to each other,” said Derk Baartman, Vice President, Mosaic Film Experience. “The greenscreen provides opportunities for creativity and learning while providing a platform to communicate the importance of creating a belonging community.”

The mobile, 9’ x 8’ x 4’ greenscreen was paired with the MFE Community Green Screen mobile app that offered a range of digital neighborhood-themed backdrops to help bring participants’ messages to life.

The GR Greenscreen community project coincided with the 2022 Confluence festival, a convergence of art, music, science and technology. Dozens of curious festival attendees and moviegoers tried their hand at video production and learned more about how greenscreens operate.

“We believe that everyone should have the chance to experiment with new technologies and techniques, and a green screen is a great way to do that,” said Baartman. “Whether community members were seasoned pros or just exploring, we welcomed everyone to come and try this technology.”

Inaugural community partners who helped bring the GR Greenscreen to life include Celebration Cinema, Fifth Third Bank, Gentex Corporation, and Wolverine Worldwide.

The Mosaic Film Experience looks forward to using the mobile greenscreen to foster community engagement and spark conversations.

“We are thrilled to have this resource available for our community and can’t wait to see what exciting projects will be created using the greenscreen,” said Baartman. “Whether you’re working on a film, social media content, or just want to try out some special effects, the greenscreen is a great resource for Grand Rapids.”

For more information about bringing the GR Greenscreen to your neighborhood or event, please email

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