We believe you are the next generation of storytellers. Use this challenge to practice crafting a story and connecting with an audience.

Media Literacy:

Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. Developing these skills are important as you become a storyteller and learn to navigate digital landscapes.

The Henry Ford has a curriculum designed to help innovators broaden their perspectives.

Edmentum also has some great blogs on helping youth understand media literacy.

5 Tips for Helping Students of All Ages Find Credible Online Sources

How To Help Students Understand Source Credibility

Mobile Filmmaking:

The power of cinema is now in your pocket!

The apps to make videos are both powerful and free.

Try Adobe Premiere Rush for filming and editing your story – just open the app and watch the tutorials to learn how to import, edit, and export videos.

If you have a tripod and love stop motion animation, try Stop Motion Studio for free.

Check out the lighting and audio documents on our website to see how you can use natural lighting and your own house to create professional looking videos on your phone.

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