The Mosaic Film Experience partnered with Rockford High School students to document the annual Kids Can Conquer Night at LMCU Ballpark. Kids Can Conquer is an annual event through Helen Devos Children’s Hospital and Fifth Third Bank that allows children, who spend most of their time in the hospital, to see and work behind the scenes at a professional baseball game.

The annual event for Helen Devos patients served as a unique experience for Rockford’s film production program, Beyond The Rock, to learn real-world multimedia skills, use professional video production equipment, and be a part of an emotional night.

“I hope to learn more about working in a fast-paced environment and how to just jump right in and be a better film producer,” said Presleigh Workman, a senior at Rockford High School. “I also hope to improve my people skills and just go up and ask people for an interview.”

The Beyond The Rock team not only learned valuable film production skills but was also able to share the inspirational stories of Kids Can Conquer patients. These kids were able to take to the field to see and work different jobs like PA announcer, scoreboard, on-field announcer, and a handful of other jobs while Rockford students documented their experience.

The students plan to use their footage for learning purposes as well as share their best shots with Maranda at WOODTV and WOTV4Women to be aired on television.

“We’re all moved by stories whether it’s music, movies, TV, whatever. It changes people. So, if they can be out here and tell some powerful stories and bring some joy to the world, that’s the real learning,” said Kris DeYoung, Rockford High School Video Production Instructor.

The Mosaic Film Experience is proud to be able to empower local youth through creative thinking, experiential learning, and the skills of storytelling. Skot Welch, Mosaic’s founder, hopes to continue partnering with companies like the West Michigan Whitecaps to offer more unique learning experiences to future film production students.

“This was a great opportunity to celebrate the stories of these young champions as they’ve been through quite a bit and so we just want to be a part of it,” said Skot. “And getting to help Rockford’s students learn about the film industry in the process was a great experience.”

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