A recent partnership between the Mosaic Film Experience and Wolverine Worldwide has created a full-time career opportunity for an emerging creative.

Nisa Brooks was the exceptional storyteller who turned the Social Media Content Creator internship at Wolverine Worldwide into her first full-time gig. Originally from Grand Rapids, Nisa recently graduated from Georgia State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media.

“I applied for the internship because I felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to learn how a career would look in this field and transition into post-graduate life,” said Nisa.

The Mosaic Film Experience launched the internship program in 2022 as a new way to continue opening eyes and opening doors, creating a pipeline to careers in creative industries.

“Internships are about exploring and learning new opportunities,” said Derk Baartman, Vice President, Mosaic Film Experience. “The goal is for everyone to learn from the experience and we absolutely achieved that goal.”

Wolverine Worldwide Associate Creative Director, Joe Becker, hopes that Nisa enjoyed her experience with the Wolverine Brand and was ecstatic to hear she would be joining the team full-time.

“I hope Nisa learned the business of being a creative and understands her worth,” said Joe. “I hope I passed on a lot of important skills to Nisa, but the idea that creatives can be strategic partners rather than just creative order-takers is the thing I hope I passed on the most.”

Not only did Nisa develop her content creation skills, she learned how to navigate as a creative within a company.

“This internship has taught me the foundational aspects of working at the corporate level and how to utilize my resources moving forward. It will help me be more confident regarding my skillset and the voice that I bring to companies,” said Nisa.

The goal of this partnership between the Mosaic Film Experience and Wolverine Worldwide is to find young storytellers and provide them with real-world multimedia opportunities under the mentorship of creatives in a large company.

“We were looking for creative minds in our community through new and different channels in order to get a more diverse point of view and Nisa was a perfect fit,” said Joe.

This internship was such a success that Wolverine Worldwide and the Mosaic Film Experience plan to develop more internships together in the future. To all future interns, Nisa has this advice to give: “You should go out of your comfort zone and be open to new opportunities. It’s also very important to be true to yourself and see what you can bring to your internship.”

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