If you’re looking for a job in sports, there’s a lot you can learn from a film editor like Nikk Franklyn.

Nikk is no ordinary film editor. He’s a live sports replay editor and broadcast technician, responsible for replays and editing during sporting events. As a supervisor, he handles the setup and logistics for video replay. It’s a job he describes as intense, colorful, and really fun. If you’ve ever watched a slow-motion replay during a sporting event, you might have watched Nikk’s handiwork.

When it comes to the world of sports, Nikk’s seen everything. He’s worked on several Super Bowls, the World Series, the Little League World Series, the NBA Playoffs, NCAA Basketball Tournaments, the World Cup, and the ‘96 Atlanta Olympics. He’s even done a couple of entertainment talk shows, like Montel Williams and The Queen Latifah Show. And he just finished 56 days in the NBA Bubble in Orlando.

“I work with several networks from TBS, TNT, Fox Sports (local and national) and several teams in the New York metropolitan area. The job, the camaraderie, and the travel are rewarding,” he said. “It’s sports. You never know what will happen.”

High school was a blur to Nikk, who was just “going with the flow, playing football.” After he graduated, he took a year off, with no plans for college. With the help of a mentor, he eventually found his way to Hampton University, graduating in 1987.

“Mr. Resnick, an Assistant Principal, gave me a hand and an ear. Really simple things, but he helped me along,” Nikk said. “Maybe I can be a guide for someone else.”

Nikk’s advice to any high school students who want a job like his is this: get comfortable with using computers, not just your phones.

“Learn both PC and Mac-based technology. Learn coding, and don’t be intimidated by the technology,” he said. “Learn how to shoot and edit content. It really is quite simple. The technology is becoming quite user friendly.”

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