Why Mobile?

Why Mobile?

Low-income families experience digital inequality.
For many, a mobile device is their only internet connection.
35% of low-income households in the US are under-connected.

technology has leveled the playing field.

The Mosaic Mobile short film competition is about challenging the conventions of storytelling and encouraging students to tell their unique stories in innovative ways. Mosaic Mobile celebrates creative thinking and discovery while exploring the diverse world in which we live.
Searching for new and creative ways to engage your students? Mosaic Mobile is our annual mobile short film competition where high school students use mobile devices to shoot, edit, and enter their films. More than $2,000 in cash prizes is awarded to students each year. Mosaic Mobile is open to any student attending a high school.


Theme: Together
Prop: String(s)
Saying: “Great idea”

Submission Dates:
September 24 - October 8, 2022

2022 Mosaic Mobile Winners

1st Place: $1,000 

“A little GREATNESS goes a long way”

Laylah Addison and Ja’Mira Roberts-Butler (Innovation Central High School)

2nd Place: $500 

“The Journey to Together”

Jana Kalumbula and Rosabel Yeo, City Middle High School

3rd Place: $250 


Erika Govea, City Middle High School

Rick Wilson Memorial Award (Public Vote): $500 

“The Key”

Jai Patel, Wyoming High School


  • Filmmakers must be a current high school student.
  • Films must be shot and edited on a mobile device (phone or tablet).
  • Up to two entries per person are allowed.
  • Films must be two- to three-minutes in length (plus credits).
  • Credits must include production crew, APPs/devices used, music/stock and archival. footage/sound effects (free or permission), art, etc.
  • Films must include the three film criteria: theme, prop, and saying.
  • Any music and sound effects used in your film must have copyright permission or be royalty-free.
  • All films submitted are entered into the Mosaic Film Experience competition to be judged by a panel of area film directors, media literacy professionals, and other industry professionals.

Decisions of the judges are final. Submitted films may be screened at the Mosaic Event as well as shared on the Mosaic Film Experience website and social media channels.

Mosaic Mobile entries, finalists, and winners will permit the Mosaic Film Experience to use their name, contact information, likeness, publicity stills, film or video footage, title, and logline of material in pre- and post-competition publicity and promotional efforts.

If you wish to opt-out of this stipulation, please request in writing and submit it to info@mosaicfilmexperience.com.

Please carefully read all rules and requirements before creating your film. Shoot, edit, and submit your film using your mobile device. Each Mosaic Mobile film requires the use of a theme, prop, and saying. The three requirements are intentionally open-ended to encourage students’ interpretation and creativity.

There are three main areas:


The focus here is on the structure of the film and how students approach storytelling. A student’s ability to articulate their ideas creatively and include all of the required elements will be examined.

Technical Excellence

Aesthetics take center stage in this area. This includes lighting, audio, editing, and more. We understand students have had various levels of experience in filmmaking as it relates to these things and intentionality does not go unrecognized.

Mosaic Film

Here, we consider a student’s point-of-view. We value films that take on a new lens or different/interesting perspective. The Mosaic Mobile Film Competition™ aims to help students be empowered to own their own narratives and expand the media landscape by adding their voice. Diversity is key in this area which includes many things (age, gender, orientation, ability, ethnicity, SES, experiences, culture, and more.)

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