Mosaic Sponsor Feature: Fifth Third Bank

There’d be no Mosaic Film Experience (Mosaic) without the generosity of our West Michigan community and allies. One community member who’s teamed up with Mosaic in a more hands-on-way this year is Patrick Lonergan, the Senior Vice President of Fifth Third Bank and a new member of Mosaic’s steering committee. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the […]

Mosaic Spotlight: Skot Welch

Skot Welch had never been to a film festival when he decided to start one. Nine years later, Skot’s Mosaic Film Experience (Mosaic) is coming up on a decade of beautiful creativity that’s brought the hands-on world of filmmaking to an entire generation of West Michigan students. Mosaic’s three programs are: The Mosaic Event: the […]

Mosaic Spotlight: Derk Baartman

One of Derk Baartman’s favorite aspects of the Mosaic Film Experience (Mosaic) is this: he gets to provide today’s students with creative opportunities he wishes he had as a student. Derk, Vice President of Mosaic, has been involved with the organization and its annual event for about eight years. When he’s not running Mosaic’s operations […]

2020 Mosaic Event Speaker Profile: Nikk Franklyn

If you’re looking for a job in sports, there’s a lot you can learn from a film editor like Nikk Franklyn. Nikk is no ordinary film editor. He’s a live sports replay editor and broadcast technician, responsible for replays and editing during sporting events. As a supervisor, he handles the setup and logistics for video […]

2020 Mosaic Event Speaker Profile: Kirie Quackenbush

If you want to know what it’s like to work with brands like Star Wars and The Sims, this year’s Mosaic Film Experience has got a treat for you. Since 2011, the annual Mosaic Event has engaged more than 4,000 students in immersive workshops and interactive presentations. Presenters have included creative professionals and nationally renowned guests […]

Audio / Sound

You’re reviewing your footage and it’s beautiful – great! Did you make sure you had good audio? No matter how great your film looks, if the audience can’t hear your subject(s), it’s hard to keep their attention. What you can do: Listen! Stop for a moment and listen. What do you hear? Pay attention to […]


Lighting, like everything else in film, affects emotion and can either add or detract from the story you are trying to tell. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind: Be resourceful! How can you use existing light sources to light your scene? Can you open a curtain, use a bounce-board, get innovative […]

Innovation Journeys Video Challenge Resources

We believe you are the next generation of storytellers. Use this challenge to practice crafting a story and connecting with an audience. Media Literacy: Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. Developing these skills are important as you become a storyteller and learn to navigate […]

Mariah Barrera shares ‘what she knows’ at The Listening Room

Since the first humans gathered together, we naturally find our way to chairs around campfires or couches in our living rooms to tell stories. Continuing the tradition, Mosaic Community supported the second episode of the local community listening project, I Don’t Know What You Know, as the non-profit partner. This partnership provided the exciting opportunity for City […]

Honoring Black History Month through Art, Film, Community

In one evening at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, seven high school students from Careerline Tech Center conducted five interviews and documented Fifth Third Bank’s private event, in honor of Black History Month. Initiated by Fifth Third Bank, this exciting storytelling partnership provided the opportunity for Mosaic Community to expand their ever-growing outreach. Guided by Careerline Tech Center […]

Exploring the sights, minus the sounds, of wordless storytelling at the GRAM

Historically, silent films were an iconic experience because of their ability to deliver a story without audible dialogue or sound effects. As production technology evolved, audio effects allowed characters to talk, laugh, and sing as they told their story, usually accompanied by sound effects and a musical score. Inspired by their latest featured exhibit, David […]